OrientArt can help you giving the best value to your Asian Works of Art.

OrientArt has a long-term experience in the field of Asian Art, with a particular reference to China, Japan, Korea and South-East Asia. OrientArt offers different types of services to authenticate and to study antique and contemporary works of art. We guarantee professionalism in economic valuation and discretion if you want to sell or buy. We can count on the collaboration of the most well-known experts, dealers and auction houses in the field of Oriental Art all over the world.

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OrientArtOrientArt does evaluation on single objects or whole collection of Oriental Art to verify and guarantee their authenticity.
If you own a Chinese porcelain, a Japanese netsuke, a Tibetan thangka, a Burmese lacquerware, if you collect them, OrientArt can help you to understand their authenticity.
This service can be useful in particular to the owners of Chinese Art objects, because – as it is known – today the market is completely full of reproductions and fakes. To recognise them is not always an easy operation, and the only safe method to attest the authenticity of an object is to have a long experience in the field, which can be reached thanks to the visit of museums, private collections, antique dealers, fairs and auction houses, touching the objects and not only watch them through the books.
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OrientArtOrientArt has the best credentials to study your collection of Oriental works of art.
If your want to know the history, the techniques, the culture which produces your Oriental work of art, OrientArt can study it with deep scientific accuracy.
As result you will have a detailed ‘Identity Card’ for your object, or for the entire collection, with an updated reference bibliography and all the known comparisons.
Francesco Morena has in this field a proved experience. He organized important exhibitions, collaborating with many famous museums all over the world, producing important sceintific catalogues and books.
His professionalism could be very useful also if you want to begin the wonderful adventure to create a new collection of Oriental art. His suggestions could help you to avoid unpleasant mistakes in the evaluation of an object (for example, to buy a fake paying it as authentic), or to find the right pieces to give historical and artistic coherence to your collection.
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OrientArtOriental art has reached in recent years impressive economical appraisal, in particular Chinese art. To know the estimate of your Oriental work of art is very important, to handle it with attention or to sell it at the best price, according to the most updated fluctuations of the market.
OrientArt can help you to know the proper estimate of your Oriental work of art, thanks to a deep knowledge of the international Asian art market.
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OrientArtOrientArt is the right partner if you to buy or to sell an object or a whole collection or Oriental art.
Thanks to a long experience in this field, you can be sure your work of art will be sold or bought at the best price on the market.
Furthermore, Orientart can help you in the international transport of your work of art and to obtain the export or import license, according to the current laws in force in Italy, in Europe and in the rest of the world.