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Imagining reality. Japanese prints from the Mariani Collection


La Soffitta Spazio delle Arti


dal 6 al 31 gennaio 2019


feriali: 16,00 – 19,00
festivi: 10,30 – 12,30 e 16,00 - 19,00
lunedì: chiuso


domenica 6 gennaio 2019 ore 10,30

La Soffitta, the Space of Arts that for over fifty years has promoted contemporary art in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence, Italy), hosts from 6 to 31 January a collection of fine Japanese prints. A journey through the graphic art of the Land of the Rising Sun that inspired generations of artists, from Van Gogh to Murakami.

The exhibition

Imagining reality. Japanese prints from the Mariani Collection investigates Japanese art between the eighteenth and early twentieth centuries, and in particular the production of woodblock prints belonging to the Ukiyo-e period, the “images of the floating world”. Originating in the city to describe the life and favorite pastimes of the emerging upper class bourgeoisie (Kabuki theater, sumo fight, traditional heroes, feminine beauty, landscape and nature), this form of art has had its protagonists are famous artists like Utamaro, Hokusai and Hiroshige, whose works have become icons of Japanese art in the world, a source of inspiration for giants of European art such as Manet, Monet, Gauguin and Van Gogh, just to name a few.